CAAD // Vernetzt Entwerfen

The brochure ‚Vernetzt Entwerfen‘ (networked design) describes a teaching project in the core module
CAD at the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design. The CAD module is taught by Prof. Hans Sachs, Dipl.-Ing. Markus Graf and Dipl.-Ing. David Lemberski.

The teaching project includes a holistic consideration of pedagogical, didactic, technical and methodical processes.
The fundamental goal of the project is the aquirement of a goal-oriented, open
but reflective handling of computers in the design process of the first semester students in the fields of
digital planning and building. In the following semesters, building on this, further courses are provided, to deepen
the aspects of design, development and realization of architecture in the context of digitization. The focus here lies on the restructuring and reorganisation of design and planning processes through digital networking, automation and digital production.

This brochure describes our developed cooperative teaching structure, which includes various
classic and innovative teaching and learning formats like lectures, seminars, webinars and a
tutorial video platform.