Glasbau 2019

Structural glass construction is one of the most dynamic areas of civil engineering. Renowned authors describe the current state of knowledge in theory and practice in this annual book.

This book presents the current state of the art in structural glass construction in numerous contributions by renowned authors. The planning and execution of pioneering glass architecture is explained in detail, and the design and construction of load-bearing glass components is explained in a practice-oriented manner.

The optimisation of sustainable building envelopes is dealt with in the same depth as the energetic renovation of listed facades. Last but not least, the latest results of recognized research institutes provide a reliable insight into the performance of the entire glass construction.


Glasbau 2019
Weller, Bernhard / Tasche, Silke (Hrsg.)
April 2019 | Ernst-und-Sohn

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Shadow Boxes – Erkenntnisse aus technischen Untersuchungen und internationalen Projekten
– Arztmann, Daniel