Teaching Xchange Bd3

Learners as contributors, not only as participants: The authors of the anthology describe concepts and implementation examples of self-organised learning at the university. The interdisciplinary, subject-related didactic volume combines a reflective examination of one’s own activities as a university teacher with expertise from various university disciplines. The focus is on didactic concepts and formats with which students can shape their own learning. The shift in focus from classical, rhetorical, teacher-centred teaching to self-organisation of learning activates students in a sustainable way and enables new approaches to the learning material.

The strategies, formats and methods presented are interdisciplinary and address different stages of study, from the introductory phase to the master’s degree and doctoral studies. An excursus on the effect of humour for a stimulating, positive learning atmosphere forms the conclusion of the volume.

Hans Sachs, Markus Graf and Kieu-Anh To contributed the article ‚Cooperative Learning in Digital Environments‘ which documents, reflects and contextualizes the teaching project ‚Vernetzt Entwerfen‘ (networked design).
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The publication addresses:

New approach to university teaching

Focus on the students

Interdisciplinary strategies