RMB Conference // facade2017

For the first time, along with the structural development in research and education, the ConstructionLab of Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur has cooperated with the Project Consortium of RMB […]

efnMOBILE 2.0 / Efficient Envelopes

Based on the experiences of efnMOBILE 1.0 the hands-on student workshop activities and exhibitions took place in different evironments and locations encouraging new technologies and methodologies. Like efnMOBILE 1.0 the […]

CAAD // Vernetzt Entwerfen

The brochure ‚Vernetzt Entwerfen‘ (networked design) describes a teaching project in the core module CAD at the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design. The CAD module is taught by […]

CAAD // Digital Hut

Digital Hut is a brochure with the final report of a research project on building with digital tools and methods. You can download the brochure as a pdf file here. […]

CAAD // Transformation

In der verknüpften Vorlesungs- und Seminarreihe „Transformation“ geht es um Dynamik, Wandelbarkeit und Adaptivität in der Architektur. Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf der Projektion, zum einen auf der perspektivischen bildlichen […]

CAAD // Digital Crafting

In recent years, the use of digital media, its tools and methods has not only vastly influenced the way architects and interior designers work, but it has also significantly altered […]

CAAD // New Babylon

The Bachelor module ”CAD“ in the summer term of 2016 was based upon principles of “New Babylon”, a work by the Dutch painter and sculptor Constant Nieuwenhuys (1920-2005) and was […]

CAAD // Kooperatives Entwerfen in virtuellen Räumen

Die Broschüre ‚Kooperative Räume‘ beinhaltet eine umfassende Beschreibung sowie den Abschlussbericht des Projektes „Fellowship für Innovationen in der digitalen Hochschullehre“, im Rahmen der Initiative „Exzellenz in der Lehre“ des Ministeriums […]


Atlas of Digital Architecture – Terminology, Concepts, Methods, Tools, Examples, Phenomena

Background information for digital design by Sebastian Michel Digital technology and architecture have become inseparable, with new approaches and methodologies not just affecting the workflows and practice of architects but […]

Produktentwicklung Architektur – Visionen, Methoden, Innovationen

From idea to product In the construction sector, demand is steadily increasing for innovative products. Product Development and Architecture presents selected examples that illustrate how the planning disciplines can contribute […]

Glasbau 2019

Structural glass construction is one of the most dynamic areas of civil engineering. Renowned authors describe the current state of knowledge in theory and practice in this annual book. This […]

Glasbau 2018

This book presents the current state of the art in structural glass construction in numerous contributions by renowned authors. The planning and execution of pioneering glass architecture is explained in […]

Face Time 2020: Better Buildings through Better Skins

The Facade Tectonics Institute’s biennial World Congress gathers the built environment’s most influential players for blind, peer reviewed paper presentations, expert-led group discussions, highly curated content, poster presentations, a dedicated […]

FACADE TECTONICS – World Congress Los Angeles 2016 – Conference Proceedings – Volume 2

NOTHING IN ARCHITECTURE COMBINES ISSUES OF APPEARANCE AND PERFORMANCE LIKE THE BUILDING SKIN The Facade Tectonics Institute is an international member organization with the mission of carrying out progressive and […]

Engineered Transparency 2018 – Glass in Architecture and Structural Engineering

The conference »Engineered Transparency« was founded in 2007 at the Columbia University in the City of New York and since 2010 accompanies the »glasstec« in Düsseldorf – the world’s leading […]

CHI EA ’20: Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. CHI — pronounced “kai” — is a place where researchers and practitioners […]

Architectural Particles – Modular Building in the Digital Age

In the special exhibition „Architectural Particles“ in the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne, six students from the Cologne Art College for Media show their artistic positions on the subjects […]

52 Grad

„52 Grad“ is the magazine of the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture. It won silver at the International Creative Media Award two times in a row in 2013 […]

Teaching Xchange Bd3

Learners as contributors, not only as participants: The authors of the anthology describe concepts and implementation examples of self-organised learning at the university. The interdisciplinary, subject-related didactic volume combines a […]


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