The Burning Man Festival provides an enormous range of inspiration to create interactive installations, architecture, objects or vehicles. Unlike at a museum where works are usually just exhibited and ought not to be touched, ‘Burning Man’ forms a huge interactive playground.

Within the Core Module C1 Tools & Methods and the short term project ‚Liquid Space‘ MIAD and MID students have developed individual concepts and prototypes of an interactive, kinetic, mobile or adaptive installation. This experimental project was based on the exploration of (open) digital tools, software (plugins) or new materials and techniques in order todesign, develop and generate a functional prototype of such dynamic installation.

project by Gesana Biti / Alvaro Balderama

Several projects have been awarded by the ‚Burning Man Arts Honoraria Grant‘ and one student project has been selected to be supported by Burning Man at the festival 2017. The students have now set up interdisciplinary development and design teams within the University to realize their Art Installation in the Desert of Nevada.


Desert Eyes Project

selected project by Burning Man Art Honoraria Grant by Yonnie Kweon, Pooya Kamranjam – students of MID

In the middle of Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, an art project rises to four meters high. The walk-in dome reflects the environment with its metallic surface, a symbolic construct of a dialogue between nature and technology. Generated from digital tools and methods, a framework made of wood, mirror foil and embedded tubes emerges. During the day, sunlight breaks through the pipes and sculpts bizarre patterns in the dome’s dark interior space. The inner 360° experience continues through the night with an interactive lightning concept. Together with the element of sound design, the user sinks into a new experiential dimension. Emotion fuses with technology. They find a mutual connection in the Desert Eyes Project.