The development process of the ‚Common Hut‘ is based on a circular metamorphosis of digital design and fabrication techniques

according to Bob Sheil‘s principal – „design through making“. The design development will be basically driven by constructive principals including material properties, its behaviour but also an optimized interchange between digital and analogue -crafting inspired- fabrication techniques.
The ‚Common Hut‘ will be developed as a generative Housing unit based on a parametric design and construction system, which allows a high level of adaptivity in the final compositional design steps. The project is divided in the following stages:
A.1 Exploration of a Cardboard-/ Wood-based (3D) main connector system (individual)
A.2 Parametric ‚Design and Construction Tool‘ for an adaptive wood-framework working with the connector system of stage 1 (group of 2 students)
A.3 Automized generation of fabrication and assembly data and the realization of a minimal ‚Common Hut‘ on the Campus Detmold (all students project team)